Academic Programmes

+Key Dates
Intakes are in March and September of every year. Next intake scheduled for March 2018.
+Industry Fit
The graduate of this course can be deployed in the following fields:

  • Hospitals as service care providers and managers specifically in Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health units
  • Project managers in Maternal, Neonatal and Reproductive health
  • County Coordinators of Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health
  • Humanitarian sectors that focus on Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health
  • Non-governmental and community development sector that deal in Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health.
+Admission Requirements
A minimum of a Diploma in Nursing (KRN, KRCHN, KRM)  or a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery  (C.O)
+Hours and days of study
It is a part-time course with two weeks of face to face in a four month module
+Learning Outcomes
By the end of the program, the graduates should be able to:

  • Apply the full scope of midwifery and RH and practice within the legal framework, abiding by the ethical principles and local policy guidelines.
  • Provide comprehensive FP services.
  • Offer emergency maternal and newborn health care (eMNHC).
  • Manage clients with clinical reproductive tract and organ conditions/infections.
  • Design, plan and manage RH projects.
  • Offer leadership, management and governance of RH projects and programmes.
  • Develop a project proposal for fundraising.
+Mode of Delivery
Distance learning using the blended e-learning model
+Fee structure/guideline
KShs.136,000 full course

The principal

Amref Virtual Training School

Contacts: 020 6993219/20

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