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Honoring Our History, Envisioning Our Tomorrow

As stewards of our organization's past, present, and future, we uphold our commitment to preserving and leveraging this wealth of knowledge for the betterment of healthcare across Africa and beyond.

Journey Through Time: AMIU's Heritage

Our Heritage Story

At Amref Health Africa, our journey spans 67 impactful years since our inception in 1957. Throughout this time, we’ve meticulously accumulated a treasure trove of invaluable data. This wealth of information is diversified, comprising publications, manuals, journals, project reports, abstracts, consultancies, and more. Annual reports dating back to 1962, promotional materials, correspondence files, minutes of meetings, press cuttings, and a plethora of audiovisual assets including films, cassettes, slide photographs, and photos enrich our archival holdings.

Since 2001, our dedicated Heritage team has been steadfast in safeguarding this historical repository. Collaborating with our country offices in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kenya, we ensure the preservation of Amref’s legacy. Each office contributes a significant volume of data, supplementing the wealth generated by our dedicated staff (ENAs).

From Tradition to Transformation

Since 2001, our dedicated Heritage team has been steadfast in safeguarding this historical repository. 

  • Showing the Organisation’s relevant past experience, the partners, the donors, the lessons learnt and best practices. Heritage material is available to all those involved in the preparation of grants and proposals.
  • Amref’s Heritage provides a ready network for recruitment of senior staff, particularly through the Amref Global Alumni and its collaborative links with academic and other partner institutions.
  • AMIU Faculty has access to appropriate material for all aspects of course curricula development, mentorship expertise, public lecture opportunities, student orientation, and material for exhibitions on special events.
  • AMIU students will have a health portal that will give them fundamental source of data on Health Care delivery in Africa, especially primary healthcare coupled with the academically reviewed journals.
  • Research – Amref’s history is unique for health researchers and individuals interested in the Organisation’s extensive work over the years especially in Primary Health Care Delivery in Sub Saharan Africa.

The Heritage office is tasked with the development and management of the following;

  • The Amref Book
  • Setting up Amref Global Alumni Network
  • Centre of Excellence for Primary Health Care in Africa
  • Primary Health Care video
  • Identifying best practice to secure Amref Health Africa’s data and make it universally accessible.
Discovering Our Roots, Building Our Legacy

​Organization​'s Archives. ​

There are so many remarkable milestones and stories of shared knowledge and togetherness. Like a family, our journey has been that of constant growth, weaving a legacy that propels us to greater heights with every move we share. Amref’s Heritage, is a treasure trove of data and a testament to all the experience and achievements gained in Africa’s healthcare journey especially East Africa where it all began almost 70 years ago. Having access to Amref Heritage data is critical to the credibility and validity of the Amref Book. Within its historical chapters lies the wisdom shaping our present and laying the groundwork for a healthier tomorrow. The wealth of knowledge amassed over the years is not merely significant, it pulsates as the heartbeat of our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare for all.

Nicky Blundell Brown

Nicky started her journey of over five decades working with Amref Health Africa in the UK. There she was responsible for fundraising, international co-ordination and special events. This experience brought her to Kenya in 1985 to co-ordinate the Premiere of the globally successful film, Out of Africa as a fundraiser for Amref. Nicky’s work In Amref led to her helping to get the Training Centre, now AMIU campus, up and running in 2000. Nicky has always been aware that there is a need to ‘capture the past to construct the future’ and in 2001 Heritage was originally funded by the Ford Foundation to ‘put the Foundation back into Amref’. Nicky who is involved in the production of The Amref Book finds the Amref’s Archive material as the real bedrock for the Book and no book on Amref could be done without it. She is very encouraged to see how enriching the Amref Heritage experience is proving for AMIU and the whole of Amref Health Africa.

Dinah Karwitha

Dinah Karwitha is a Communication and Research Assistant at Amref Health Africa. She has worked for 7 years in Communications Department and through the department now working as a Research Assistant for the Amref Book Project. During her career she has had extensive experience in content development, digital communications, media relations, internal communications, event planning and management and written various publications. 

Bethuel Mbugua

Bethuel Mbugua graduated from Macalester College in Minnesota, USA with a biochemistry degree in 2002. in 2004, Bethuel worked as a research assistant with AMREF’s Heritage Unit. He assisted in setting up Amref’s archives; work that fostered his passion for data organization and creation of systems for easy access to information. After taking a Master’s degree in Public Health from Brac University, Bangladesh, Bethuel rejoined Amref as a research officer in the Directorate of Capacity Building working on Documentation for Development in Amref Kenya, then Knowledge Management. Now back with Heritage, Bethuel is excited to see how Amref Health Africa is beginning to appreciate the importance of Heritage’s work and its benefit to Amref Staff, AMIU faculty and students, researchers, donors and others involved with Amref and its extended family.