Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS): Evaluation of energy-efficient pots to facilitate sustained clean cooking with gas for resource-poor households in Nairobi

AMIU has teamed up with the University of Liverpool to conduct research on the impacts of fuel efficient cooking pots on time and fuel savings in Nairobi.  The research is funded by the MECS (Modern, Energy Cooking Services) Initiative, led by Loughborough University and aims to look at how improved cooking technologies can be used to encourage more sustained use of clean fuels – necessary to achieve the health impacts from reduced exposure to air pollution from burning solid fuels and kerosene. The enhanced pots have special patented designs, which improve energy transference to preserve fuel. The study objective is to characterize and measure the potential savings in LPG fuel, costs and time from daily use of energy efficient cooking pots (TurboPots and FlarePans) for regular household cooking compared to use of standard cooking pots. AMIU is leading the Randomized Controlled Trial to assess the impacts of the pots with participants in Mukuru kwa Rueben and Mukuru kwa Njenga.

Study participant using a TurboPot in Mukuru kwa Njenga Slum
Control Cooking Test by AMIU/ CLEAN-Air(Africa) staff

Ongoing Initiatives

  1. Testing energy efficient pots for cooking with LPG in a Kenyan informal settlement (2020-2021);
  2. Pot Lottery: Distribution of improved cooking pots to 200 households as an intervention (Turbo pots, Flare pan and Aluminum pots)
Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS): Evaluation of Energy-Efficient Pots to Facilitate Sustained Clean Cooking with Gas for Resource-Poor Households in Nairobi