The Higher Education eLearning Technologies International
Conference (HiETeC-2024)

21st-23rd February

Adoption of Disruptive Education Technologies and Pedagogical Skills in a Transformative Higher Ecosystem


Higher Education in developing countries is undergoing rapid transformation necessitated by  generational shift in learning behaviors, emerging virtual learning  technologies and challenges posed by unpredictable pandemics among other factors . Higher education is no longer confined  to spaces between stone walls;  knowledge resources are now ubiquitous and versatile. Thus, there is growing concern on how responsive and adaptive is our higher education ecosystem to the opportunities being offered by disruptive eLearning  technologies.  

The  HiETec-2024  hybrid conference  is being  co-organized by Daystar University and Amref International University ODeL directorates  to provide a platform for higher education stakeholders and experts  to learn from cutting edge research presentations and case studies on dynamic use of disruptive eLearning technologies. This will provide an opportunity for networking in the industry and benchmarking of  emerging and evidence based best practices in delivery of quality virtual training in higher education.

The conference sub-themes are:

  • The role of emerging disruptive education technologies in optimizing learning outcomes.
  • Stimulation of social learning through digital innovations in higher education.
  • The catalytic effect of disruptive education technologies and pedagogies in the attainment of SDGs.
  • Application of online pedagogy to impact on learners’ behavior in distance education.
  • The role of strategic partnerships and collaborations in delivery of distance education.
  • Innovative disruptive technologies and pedagogies for special populations.

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