Energy, Air Pollution and Health in East Africa

With a staggering 92% of the world population exposed to polluted air, the problem posed by air pollution is inextricably one of the largest environmental risk to human health globally. The evidence is robust and compelling on how exposure to household and ambient (outdoor) air pollution is responsible for a staggering number of preventable illnesses and deaths each year. According to the World Health Organization air pollution causes an estimated 7 million deaths each year.

As a key partner in the health sector, Amref International University (AMIU) has partnered with Clean Air Africa, a Global Health Research Group leading research and stakeholder engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa to support the design of evidence-based interventions to address the public health burden from exposure to air pollution in the continent.


  1. Principal Investigator- James Mwirigi Mwitari
  2. Research Coordinator- Gohole Akaranga Arthur
  3. Qualitative Lead- Willah Nabukwangwa