The moments to cherish all time – AMIU Cultural week

By Lawrence Mwenda

Amref International University conducted its second cultural week in a spectacular and amazing way from 4th to 8th March 2024. This annual event kicked off on a high note, with a keynote speech from the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Tamary Esho.

The extraordinary week featured a beauty in diversity well epitomized by students from various communities such as the Luo, Kikuyu, the Maasai, The Dinka from South Sudan, the Igbo from Nigeria the Kamba, the Kisii, the Somalis, the Rendille, Gabbra and Indian communities. This charming cross-cultural blend and symphony was well in line with the theme of the event, ‘Celebrating our rich cultural heritage, Diversity and Development.’

AMIU Students follow 2024 cultural week event. Photo: Daisy Kiprop

Folk dances beautifully throbbed on stage with the students rhythmically accompanying them with relaxing dance moves. The drummers also beat the drums into pure rhythm and rhyme, leaving audiences glued to the stage. The musical vibrance and energy swept off the Vice Chancellor Professor Joachim Osur, prompting him to join in song and dance during this one of a kind Extravaganza.  This ignited a unique liveliness among the audiences who happily cheered on at the top of their voices

Local Cuisine was sumptuously prepared, giving all attendees a dainty, mouth-watering treat in the afternoon hours of Thursday. The foods included special ugali made from wimbi flour, fish, porridge among other niceties. The foodfest also saw Professor Tammary and Dr. Nyagero treated to porridge, a treat they happily accepted and enjoyed.

Elegant attire was the in-thing, with Prof. Tammary and Dr. Nyagero also well-clad in impeccable African print garments. Utensils such as calabashes, the gourd among others beautifully dotted the exhibition tent, welcoming all to close in and have a taste of these appetizing meals. Exhibitors also gave a brief explanation of how the food had been prepared and its relevance in their respective communities.  Necklaces, African wear and beadwork were also evidently present at the event.

Glitz, glamour and high fashion weren’t left behind as women models proudly cat-walked along the red carpet runway, often smiling, holding arms akimbo and making 180 degrees turns to the amazement and cheers of the charged spectators. Men models also drew significant attention, cheers and accolades from as they boldly showed off their unique attire.

The judges’ bench couldn’t help but take notes and awe as the models showcased their talent. Their elevated counter was well decorated in black, red and white balloons, with flashlights snaking across the edges.

The climax was a cheerful and colorful epitome whereby Elly Omari and Eileen Some Jebet were awesomely crowned as Mr. and Mrs. AMIU 2024 respectively. The School President Ms. Precious Waweru gave the closing remarks, bidding farewell to the unforgettable heart-warming experience of 2024.

Elly Omari and Eileen Jebet are crowned Mr. and Mrs. AMIU 2024. Photo: Okumu Lindah