Launch of AMIU ODeL Centre

The Amref International University (AMIU) is a Pan-African Health Sciences University established in 2017. AMIU is owned by Amref Health Africa.  The university contributes to Amref Health Africa’s vision of achieving lasting health change African. As such, the University works to produce fit for purpose graduates with transformative leadership skills and ability to apply evidence-based interventions to transform Primary Health Care (PHC).  To this end, AMIU has developed structures that promote student centred learning that bridges the knowledge and skills mismatch, making graduates ready to serve at the point of graduation.

AMIU recognizes the challenge of making health education equitably accessible in all parts of Africa including the unstable, remote and broken countries. Further, on-going education that is accessible in communities where health workers are based is critical. Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL) with integrated hands-on mentorship provide the solution needed to meet the needs of health training in Africa. It is in recognition of this that AMIU has developed its unique ODeL centre. The centre has been approved by the Commission for University Education (CUE) in Kenya.  With this approval, AMIU is well positioned to achieve its Pan-African vision as spelt out in its strategy of providing borderless health training in the continent.

To bolster its ODeL approaches further, AMIU has come up with a unique and contextualized Virtual Learner Support (VLS) model that ensures that students who are far from the main campus (within or outside Kenya) have access to seamless help desk and physical support in their learning activities.  This model is helping AMIU achieve its commitment to provide equitable and student-centred training in the Pan-African region. The university aims to have over 5000 students learning online by the year 2027 a target that is dependent on the ongoing development of more  ODeL academic  and CPD  programs , including  Massive Open and Online Courses (MOOCs).

As AMIU celebrates its 4th graduation ceremony, the Board of Trustees, University Council, University management and faculty hereby invite our stakeholders and students from the continent to confidently pursue our ODeL programs, noting that their quality is well assured through regulatory compliance.

Long live AMIU’s ODeL Centre!