The 1st Primary Healthcare Congress at Amref International University

The 1st Primary Healthcare Congress at Amref International University marked a pivotal moment in the journey towards strengthening primary healthcare (PHC) across Africa. Over three dynamic days, healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers, and advocates converged to deliberate on the theme: “Aligning practice to evidence in strengthening PHC for lasting health change in Africa.” This theme encapsulates the essence of the congress – bridging the gap between theory and practice to drive sustainable health outcomes across the continent.

Africa’s healthcare landscape faces multifaceted challenges, ranging from infectious diseases to non-communicable ailments, exacerbated by socio-economic disparities and inadequate access to quality healthcare services. In this context, strengthening PHC emerges as a cornerstone for achieving universal health coverage and addressing the continent’s health needs comprehensively.

The congress served as a platform to align strategies, policies, and interventions with evidence-based practices, ensuring that PHC efforts are effective, efficient, and sustainable. It emphasized the importance of leveraging empirical research, data-driven insights, and best practices to inform decision-making and drive tangible health outcomes.

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