The Higher Education eLearning Technologies International Conference (HiETeC-2024)

The Higher Education eLearning Technologies International Conference (HiETeC-2024) recently concluded at Daystar University’s Nairobi Campus, marking a pivotal moment in the exploration of disruptive education technologies and pedagogical skills in higher education. Over the course of three days, educators, technologists, and thought leaders convened to delve into the evolving landscape of academia.

The conference centered on the theme of “Adoption of Disruptive Education Technologies and Pedagogical Skills in a Transformative Higher Education Ecosystem.” This focus reflects the urgent need for educational institutions to embrace innovation and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the digital era.

One key takeaway from HiETeC-2024 was the importance of leveraging disruptive technologies to enhance the learning experience. From artificial intelligence and virtual reality to gamification and mobile learning, educators explored a myriad of tools and strategies to engage students in meaningful ways.

Furthermore, the conference emphasized the significance of integrating pedagogical skills with technological advancements. While technology undoubtedly plays a crucial role in modern education, effective teaching practices remain essential for fostering critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration among students.

In conclusion, the insights gleaned from HiETeC-2024 underscore the importance of innovation and collaboration in shaping the future of higher education. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the digital age, conferences like this serve as catalysts for progress, propelling academia towards a more transformative and impactful future.

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