Diploma Studies

Advanced Diploma in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy (PHPT)
Advanced Diploma in Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy (CPPT)
Advanced Diploma in Adult Neuro-Rehabilitation Physiotherapy (NRPT)
Advanced Diploma in Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapy (OMPT)
Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology
Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
Diploma in Social Work and Community Development (Level 6)
Diploma in Project Management (Level 6)
Higher Diploma in Oncology with Palliative Care Nursing
Diploma in Counselling Psychology (Level 6)
Certificate in Community Health (Level 5)
Diploma in Community Health (Level 6)
Advanced Diploma in Applied Mental Health Practice (ADAMHP)
Higher diploma Critical Care Nursing (CCN)
Higher Diploma in Community Health
Diploma in Nursing – upgrading Enrolled Nurse midwives (EN/M) to KRCHN
Diploma in Nursing: Pre-service KRCHN Programme (Fresh entry)
Diploma in Nursing: upgrading Enrolled Community Health Nurses (ECHN) to KRCHN
Diploma in Community Health Practice (Basic)